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About US. We’ll Make Your To-Do List Easier!

You have a problem, and we have a solution. Your property is dirty, and we want to clean it. You pay a service fee, and we go above and beyond your expectations. Wouldn’t life be simple if everyone did business this way? When your house gets dirty and you need it cleaned, what’s the first step you take? Do you go online and search for something like “window cleaners near me?” Do you search your phone contacts for your previous window cleaner? “What’s his name again?” Do you ask your neighbors which company they used last Spring?


Once you finally get a hold of a window cleaner, the real questions begin. Are they going to give you a bid over the phone? Are they going to tell you a price there on the spot? Are you going to have time to get other bids and discuss it with your spouse?


At this point in the process, you’re just dying to have someone clean the dirty windows, and you’ll take anything and anyone who returns your voicemails. And even then, you’re just praying that the technician who arrives at your door is not an ex-con or a bum off the street! Are they going to be on time? Are they able to finish in one day? Are they going to be insured? Are they going to accept a credit card? After stressing about all these factors, your expectation starts to drop lower and lower until they eventually arrive. You’re just so happy that they showed up that you don’t even inspect their work until they finish and leave the property.


Was their quality worth the money you paid? Was it even worth all the effort you put into this service? Was the experience everything you hoped for? There must be an easier company to do business with around here!


This may sound like an exaggerated process, but it’s the same story we’ve heard for the last 35 years! Homeowners have been falling in love with Brett’s Home Services because we take the stress and confusion out of the whole process. We make it easy to get an accurate quote, book an appointment at your convenience, and have an amazing experience from the beginning to the end. We know your life is busy, and you have a dozen tasks on your to-do list. There’s a whole lot more that you want from a cleaning service company, and we are here to raise the bar high above your expectations.


Our goal has been to streamline the process and continue to build off the input of clients just like you. We value your feedback and assume you’re looking for the best of the best to clean your home. We’re constantly changing and adapting for the better because you deserve it. You’ve worked hard for your property, and we are grateful to be invited into your home. Find out what it’s like to do business with a company that cares about your needs, rather than just the transaction of trading dollars for a service.

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